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Introducing, Zion Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which has been associated with Travel for the last 17 years - Specializing in School Trips, it’s team comprises of well Trained &Experienced Professionals in this field.

Current Trend
More & more Schools the World over & Yes, even here in India are making it mandatory for students to take up atleast, one outdoor educational activity apart from the annual school trip. This is now, a part of the regular school curriculum & hence, we at Zion have taken this initiative to make these trips more informative, not withholding the fun aspect.

Events Organized
  • School Picnic's
  • Excursions
  • Educational Trips
  • EVS Trips
    • Animal kingdom
    • Water kingdom
    • Planetarium
    • Agro Tourism
  • Adventure Trips
  • Scouts /RSP /NCC Camps
  • Hikes
  • Treks
  • Leadership Camps
  • Team Building Camps
Our Specialization - for Schools
  • Organizing Annual School Picnic’s to some of the finest Resorts in Mumbai , Thane & beyond
  • End to End Solutions in making the Outing anEnjoyable &Memorable One
  • Educational Trips
  • Adventure trips
  • Packages are a comprehensive bundle of Camps& Outdoor activities customized to suit various age groups
  • Special emphasis is given on Security, Food &Accommodation in absolute hygienic conditions
  • Complete End to End Package Trips (Includes : Entry, Travel, Breakfast & Food, Evening Snack and a Takeaway Gift)
  • Specially crafted packages for Schools &Colleges
  • Trained Escorts to assist the Teachers
  • Every minute detail is taken into account to make the Outing an Eventful , Enjoyable &Memorable One
Educational Trips & Excursions
Environmental Studies Trips: Include topics onBudding, Grafting, Sprouting, Germination, Different Types of Gardens, Fish Breeding, Rain Water Harvesting, Working Models of Solar Water Heaters, Solar Cookers, Bio Gas plants, Windmill and Factory Chimney.

Environmental Studies Trips – Animal Kingdom: Include topics such as American Turkey, Geese, Yorkshire Pigs, Australian Tame Cockatoo, Rabbits, Dogs, Different types of Birds & Nests, Artificial Animal Kingdom, Different types of Reptiles, Different types of Insects , Butterflies, Caterpillars, Different types of Birds – Owls, Bulbuls, Indian Myna, Sparrows, Tailor & Weaver & Potter birds, Kingfisher, woodpecker, Falcons etc…

Short Excursion trips organized for schools / children & make learning more fun
A day in the life of a fireman: Children understand the Roles & Duties of a Fireman.Simultaneously, experiencing a demonstration from the Fire Officials. An explanation of Do’s &Don’ts incase of a fire would be shared.
Aarey: A visit to Aarey Milk Colony - Bottling Plant & Milk Processing unit. Children will experience Dairy related activities.
Zoo: Formerly known as Victoria Garden. It is the only Zoo in Mumbai started in 1861. Today it is a home to many birds, animals and reptiles.
Bus Museum: Visit to the Bus Museum enhances the knowledge of the Children, as to how our public transport system has evolved over the years.
Yusuf Meherally: Founded in 1961 works towards Rural Development in the aeas of Agriculture, Dairy Farming, Medical Aid and Education. In addition, children will get a know how of the processes involved in Soap making &Oil extraction.
Traffic Park: At the Traffic Park children are imparted knowledge on Road Safety & understanding traffic sign’s & rules.
Naval Museum: One of its kind, where children are explained in detail about the Responsibilities & Technology used by the Indian Navy. Various exhibit's at the museum will be shown to the students, which in turn enhances their IQ.
Indian Post & Telegraph Services: Visit to the General Post Office will enable the child to understand how the postal system in our Country works. A detailed explanation would be given by the Post Master to the students
Mc Donald’s: Mc Donald’s is synonymous with children & always brings a smile to their faces. A walk thru the McDonalds kitchen can be organized, giving the children a first hand experience of how their Yummy burgers & French fries are made.
Nehru Planetarium: Children will experience & learn about our Universe, the Solar System & causes of Day / Night &Seasons. A wonderful experience as they watch a documentary in the Dome theatre.
Taraporewala Aquarium: A unique experience for Children to understand & learn about the aquatic life. Observing the various kinds of Sea Fish & Sea creatures & also some Sea Mammals.
Sanjay Gandhi National Park: An action packed day in The wilderness will surely excite the children. A fun filled joyride in the mini train will surely bring a smile on their faces.
Braille Press: A very important and a must visit Location for children to understand Life without the most precious gift - Eye Sight. They would understand in detail how these gifted people who are short of one sense still carry on their day to day Activities like reading, working etc.
B.P.T Garden: A visit to the BPT Garden will surely have an everlasting effect on the children. The lush green lawns where they can run wild & enjoy themselves to the fullest. For those who are inclined towards Botany – it’s a venue which covers most of the topics.
Hanging Gardens: A place which we all cherish till date. The Old Lady Shoe is one of its kind & been something which excites all children. The terraced gardens at this venue are perched at the top of Malabar Hills & have a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea.
Kamla Nehru Park: A unique garden where the plants have been given shapes of animals. The well maintained garden has always been a Pride of Mumbai.
Parle Factory: A visit to Parle Factory gives an opportunity for Children to witness how their favourite Biscuits are being made.
Nehru Science Center: This is a must visit place for all School Children - especially the Secondary Section where a student can understand & experience different concepts of Science in greater detail. How Sound travels?The Light show, Effects of Magnetism, details about Aviation & many more topics related to Science.
Boat Ride: Enjoy the Coastline of Mumbai & also have a boat ride in the Arabian Sea.

Ideal for Students of RSP, Scouts, Cubs & NCC. These activities brings about a change in them, enhancing theirLeadership skills, working together as a Team, help overcome their fear & transforms them into stronger &better people.
Rock Climbing & Crossing the Burma Bridge: This event is a combination of Power &Determination. It helps the person overcome fear & prepares them for the various challenging situations that they may come across.
Boating: This activity develops the importance of Team work & Team spirit.
Kayaking: It develops a person’s Thinking ability &Decision making. This is a truly challenging activity conducted with the help of Trained Professionals.
Trekking: This activity strengthens the Will Power of a person and also, teaches one how to survive with the resources freely available in nature.
Rope climbing: This enables a person to analyze his strength & determination. It also helps in over coming fear.
Field Adventure trips: We take the children to a live farm where demonstrations are given on Plantation & various Agricultural fields. This will enable the students to gear up in case of an eventuality which is caused due to the Green House Effect.
Camp & Camp Fire: Camping brings about a radicle change in a person. It teaches One to be independent &helps fend for oneself in a challenging situation. The Camp fires conducted during these camps are opportunities to bring out the hidden talents in a person.
Horse Riding & use of Compass: This activity enables a person to use all available means of transport in case one is lost in the wilderness. The Use of compass will direct the person to get to his destination.

Adventure / Trekking locations
Matheran, Lonavala /Khandala, Bordi, Silvasa, Shahpur / Durshet /Murbad, Kalsubai, Mahableshwar / Panchgani, MalshejGhat and Mount Abu.

Adventure Activities Conducted
Camps, Horse Riding, Rope Walk, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, Compass Work, Short Treks, Open fires, Camp fires, Camping in Tents, Treasure Hunt, Team Building Games, Kayaking, etc.