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Training & Development
The Principal Objective of the Training & Development Division is to make sure the availability of a skilled and willing workforce to operate in an Organization.

Why Training
  • Lack of skilled workforce.
  • According to Industry Majors, the current system is not sufficiently prepared to address the New Processes.
  • To Develop and Capitalise on existing skills.
  • To keep the Employees abreast with the latest Skills and Techniques in a rapidly changing environment.

Who are we?
  • Zion Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Training and Development Consulting Organization that conducts Customized Training Programs across various sectors while specializing in the FMCG and Insurance sector.
  • Through effective Consulting and Training practices, Zion BSPL delivers Customized, Solution-based Resources, which specifically focus on improving Employee effectiveness and overall Team Performance thereby increasing Employee engagement and efficiency. Zion BSPL offers practical tools for Workforce Solutions giving One - The power to transform Individuals, Teams and Organizations.
  • We work in Partnership with our Clients to provide Learning and Development Services that are Engaging, Relevant and Strategicallyaligned to suit your Organization’s Business goals.
  • Zion BSPL specializes in Leadership ,Employee Engagement and Team Building.

What we do?
To help Organizations grow and maintain sustainability, we focus on Three Key Development Areas:
  • Leadership Effectiveness: This will help your leaders develop skills that are necessary to ensure Accountability, Build and maintain effective Human Relationships, Gain broader perspectives, Manage more effectively, and Grow in their flexibility and confidence.
  • Managing Diversity & Inclusion: As the dramatic shift to a highly diverse workforce continues, Organizations know they must help all workers understand, accept, and capitalize on differences to ensure Innovative ideas, Engage and maintain a Competitive edge.
  • Total Team Performance: As Organizations rely more and more on Teams to Innovate, Problem solve, Produce and Compete at the speed of Change; clearly Understanding and Capitalizing on Individual Approaches to Group Processes is the bottom line on creating High Performance Teams.

Our Approach
  • Step 1: Consultation and Assessment We start with an in-depth Needs Assessment with Key Stakeholders from your Organization. This process is the key for the success of the Learning experience and our ability to connect to learners and build Skills and Competencies that enhance the Revenue generating process. Feedback provides critical information necessary for Developing a training curriculum that meets the learning needs of your Organization. The objective is to have a Candid Conversation in a safe non-judgmental environment regarding Potential Growth Areas and Issues of concern, from a broad range perspective and thereby create buy-in for meeting change.
  • Step 2: Learning and Development Proposal After analyzing information obtained during the initial Needs Assessment process, we will create and submit for review a proposal detailing our recommendations for Development.
  • Step 3: Develop and Execute Program We will develop the workshop based upon feedback from Needs Assessment and agreed terms. Our programs can be delivered On or Off site depending on Overall Objectives.
  • Step 4: Measures of Success Progress towards The Objective will be measured by: Achievement of desired outcomes, Feedback opportunities created for Employees to inform Management, Execution of developed action plans, Level of responsiveness and participation, Evaluation of feedback sheets, Actual observations and Anecdotal information collected by Management.
  • Step 5: After Service Planning We provide a post analysis report summarizing the Workshop Findings, Breakthroughs, Attendee Feedback, Developed Strategies and Recommendations for Additional Development and Support.

Our Expertise
  • Team Building
  • Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Time Management
  • Stress Management
  • Training Modules customized for educational institutions